The Speaker (in Victoria)
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The Speaker

46 Great Peter Street
Victoria (SW1P 2HA)
Tel.0207 2221749

Where are we?

Opening Hours

Mon: 12 to 23
Tue: 12 to 23
Wed: 12 to 23
Thu: 12 to 23
Fri: 12 to 23
Sat: Closed to Closed
Sun: Closed to Closed

" The Speaker Pub is as important to the real ale fans as The Speaker is to Parliament itself! "

Rating: 80%

About Us

The Speaker is as important to the real ale fans as The Speaker is to Parliament itself! Described by many fans as "the best pub in the area", and who are we to argue?!

Tucked just off the busy thoroughfares of Victoria St and Horseferry Road, The Speaker can quite rightly claim to be the pub which we all want to have as a local.

The Speaker promotes speaking! No intrusion of a TV blaring the latest cover tune or a CD on repeat with music that reminds us of a large Swedish furniture store background music. Just take a walk inside and choose your drink, then stand at the bar or sit and relax at a table.

The Speaker is a your very own London bolt-hole, offering you the opportunity to enjoy a decent glass of wine, one of our fantastic rums or whiskies or a wonderful cask-conditioned ale.

The Speaker is closed on Saturday and Sunday!

The Speaker is known and loved for:

Wonderful cask-conditioned ales, fantastic rums, whiskies and great service!

What makes The Speaker great?

The service, the great food and drink shouts out and makes it a pub that customers want to come back to The Speaker day in and day out.

The Speaker serves these beers on tap
(beers on tap are subject to change)

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46 Great Peter Street, Victoria (SW1P 2HA)
Tel.0207 2221749

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